Aaron Martin

a.ka. “Martini Man”

Born October 9, 1970, Aaron is an accomplished composer, music score programmer, and producer. Over the years his career has led him to work on major feature films with many of today’s top Hollywood composers. His versatility working with music to picture is evident in the diversity of the projects to which he contributes. Aaron brings his unique musical sensibilities and vast experience to every project he involves himself in, whether it be a romantic comedy (Raising Helen) or big-budget action blockbuster (King Kong).

After graduating from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance, Aaron began his career in film music in 1994 working at Hans Zimmer’s Media Ventures studio. His experience there led him to work with composer John Van Tongeren, composing additional music for the television series “Poltergeist: The Legacy” and “The Outer Limits.” During his work with Tongeren, Aaron became an accomplished composer in his own right, scoring films such as “The Last Tzaddik” and “Kiss the Girls Goodbye.”
In 2003, Aaron utilized his talents on James Newton Howard’s “Dreamcatcher,” before working on the successful holiday movie, “Elf” scored by John Debney.  Aaron’s working relationship with Debney earned him a position on the music team for the Oscar-nominated score “The Passion of the Christ,”directed by Mel Gibson. In 2005, Aaron returned to work with James Newton Howard on thefirst installment of director Christopher Nolan’s popular “Batman Begins” franchise. He concluded his work in 2005 on Peter Jackson’s remake of “King Kong,” also scored by James Newton Howard.


The following year, Aaron enjoyed a change of scenery again, briefly working with Randy Newman on Disney/Pixar’s hit “Cars” and later with Oscar-winning composer James Horner on “All the King’s Men” and “Apocalypto.”
Despite his busy schedule, Aaron returned to his alma mater in the Fall of 2008, teaching a masterclass to aspiring film composers about modern film scoring techniques. Follow teaching Aaron began working with James Horner on the much anticipated film “Avatar,” directed by James Cameron. that was released in theaters December 18, 2009.
While working on film scores, Aaron has ventured back into electronic music but this time for the dance floor. Relying on his love for house music and extreme knowledge for controllerisim live performance EDM (electronic dance music) is a great avenue for him. With Aaron producing EDM Live it becomes an experience, a journey if you will, through the beats of the universe.