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Music and Motion Pictures is a San Diego boutique media production company offering a full range of video production and consulting services designed to get your message out to your target audience.

We are like-minded individuals in pursuit of professionalism, specializing in multifaceted production projects with compelling content to support the Urban culture along with brand marketing goals of businesses and non-profits.



At Music and Motion Pictures, we take the time to understand your business and the purpose of your multidimensional project. We work with you on all stages of video production, from concept to creation, and advise you on how to best promote the finished project to maximize your brand.

We believe in user–friendly, chic and modern designs in order to improve project livelihood. To us, serving you is key.

We guarantee that we will invest all of our skills and strengths into your projects and vision.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for supporting us day by day.


“ We love to keep in touch and analyze customers’ demands to provide the most efficient customer support. To us, the product is designed for users, no matter who they are.”

We are centrally located in downtown San Diego in the east village. five blocks east of the gaslamp district.




is a creative and dynamic independent film, music and commercial production company. Located in San Diego, MMP has been involved in numerous large budget, independent film, television, commercial and radio projects. The MMP team uses honed skills throughout the conception, production, and realization of each project. We produce powerful motion pictures and bring those films to as wide an audience as possible. Along with our passion, our philosophy is to produce multi-media projects that are engaging and challenging, while promoting thoughtful dialogues for participants. We want to challenge and encourage art in all of our endeavors, from Television Commercials, Shorts, Feature Films, Music Videos, Live Event Coverage and Radio.

Stills From Past Shoots

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The Raven ⸱ Cold Light of Day ⸱ AVATAR
Boy in the Striped Pajamas ⸱ The Life Before Her Eyes
The Spiderwick Chronicles ⸱ Shattered
Funny Money ⸱ Bedridden
Appocalypto ⸱ All the Kings Men
Cars ⸱ Freedomland
Veronika Wa Shinu Koto Ni Shita ⸱ King Kong
Batman Begins ⸱ The Medallion
White Rainbow ⸱ Biker Boys
Sweet Underground ⸱ Raising Helen
The Whole Ten Yards ⸱ The Girl Next Door
Hidalgo ⸱ Passion of the Christ
Welcome to Mooseport ⸱ Elf
Dreamcatcher ⸱ The Medallion
Malibu’s Most Wanted ⸱ Out Cold
Highlander Endgame ⸱ The Last Tzaddik
First & Last ⸱ Kiss the Girls Goodbye
Coming Soon ⸱ Zoetry

AM Resorts ⸱ Generation Earth
Tylenol ⸱ Budweiser
Nescafe ⸱ Embassy Suites
The Shut in ⸱ Dead Silence
Masterpiece ⸱ Creature
Poltergeist the legacy ⸱ The outer limits
Football Wives ⸱ Raines
The Legend of Tarzan ⸱ Federal Protection
Van Helsing London Assignment ⸱ American Health and Fitness
Ametek ⸱ Vegas Valley Views
A Rural Life (Shelbyville Indiana)
Amos Robinson Artist Profile
Mike Wojniak "Walk the Plank" (Official Music Video)
Adam Rowell Commercial, Fashion & Product Photographer
Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase 2016

Teledyne API, MMP the Live Sessions

Acoustic Spot Talent "Storyteller Spotlight"

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At Music and Motion Pictures our team of dedicated writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers know how to approach each project of every scale and genre, from single-camera studio interviews, to multi-camera commercial shoots. We pride ourselves in understanding and exceeding our client’s expectations, no matter the time or budget. We provide concept development, storyboards, casting, locations, camera and lighting crews, equipment, and comprehensive production management. Whether you need to launch a new product, promote your image, communicate your vision, or simply share your story, we are here to help you succeed.


If you’re not sure how to get the best bang for your buck, let us get you started from concept to creation. We’ll patiently work with you to brainstorm innovative and creative ways to tell your story without breaking your production bank and in the process we won’t compromise the professional broadcast quality you can expect from our years of network and corporate production experience. We’ll meet with you on location or at your pad as we take the creative pulse of your business and assist you in telling your story in a way that audiences won’t forget.


We are proud to work with some of the best post-production professionals in the industry. Our creative directors, editors, artists and animators all eat, sleep, and breathe post- production. We are passionate about every project. We offer a full complement of post-production services including editing, visual effects, sound design, and color correction. We utilize all the latest software tools: Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Cinema 4D and Redcine-x pro. All of us at MMP are completely committed to providing the highest-possible quality while providing a fresh and unique approach to each projects vision.


Music and Motion Picture's 333AM PROJECT radio show is the combined effort and vision of Aaron Martin a.k.a. “The Martini Man” and Sean Eldred a.k.a. “Surface Noise”.

Together the two of them create a live electronic music project incorporating house, techno, ambient and disco genres to live musical performances.

Being the only pioneers of live electronic performance dance music in Orange County they find themselves with an unlimited supply of inspiration and a bounty of local support and followers.

One of those followers, Justin Zbierski a.k.a. “Conrad Steel”, is also our newest addition to the project.


The New “MMP the Live Sessions” Project


A little background about the project:

“MMP the Live Sessions” is a weekly project that promotes local San Diego musical performance artists. We strive to capture the live aspect of each musician’s performance in its raw entirety in a true and honest way. Each session is as played without the use of audio pickups and punch ins to capture the creativity of the moment. It’s a chance to get intimate with the performers and see them in their true element. We have each artist perform one original and one cover tune session. The artist’s original tune lets the audience in on their creative endeavors whereas each cover tune performance reveals the artist own interpretation of a modern classic with a twist.


Each session is filmed with the latest cameras and sonically recorded with the utmost care to preserve a high quality of sound in each acoustic performance.


The hope for these sessions is aimed at each artist gaining more community awareness of their music and creativity. Every artist involved in “MMP the Live Sessions” ends up being promoted and cross promoted by other artist on the project, thus creating a cross pollinating of Cinergy between each other. It becomes a musical co-op of San Diego musical artists.



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